Wizz is a networking app which allows users to connect and chat with other people around the world. Its principle is similar to a dating platform: users have a profile and up to three photos, with optional interests and hobbies tags. This allows other like-minded people to be recommended in searches. If a user likes what they see on someone’s profile, they can initiate conversation through the instant message feature; otherwise they swipe on. The app does use age verification technology when an account is created and groups users by age.

As of spring 2023, Wizz sits in the App Store’s top 20 social networking downloads and has amassed an impressive 10 million users globally. The majority of its user-base hail from Generation Z (that’s anyone currently between the ages of about 8 and their early 20s), with the app’s aim being to enable young people to forge rewarding online connections with others.

Despite its verification processes and security checks, Wizz can still be prone to risk, however. Bypassing the age limit of 13 isn’t particularly difficult, and – regrettably – wherever young people gather to chat online, potential predators and the possibility of explicit material are seldom far behind. Our #WakeUpWednesday guide has the lowdown on Wizz.