Religious Education at Duke’s Secondary School aims to provide an inclusive and diverse learning environment; fully committed to developing within our students the ability to question, synthesis and communicate their own ideas on issues of religion & spirituality, philosophy and morality.

This will be achieved by:

  • Instilling respect amongst learners for themselves and others; especially those of other religious backgrounds, cultures and traditions different to their own;
  • Developing self-discipline through recognising and upholding the values of the local, national and international religious communities;
  • Being able to challenge injustice with compassion and courage; equipping learners with the skills by which to do this fairly and justly;
  • Promoting the moral, personal, physical, social and spiritual development of individuals within a Christian framework;
  • Providing each learner with the opportunity and skills to ask and explore ‘big questions’ and begin to formulate responses to these questions.


Topic Map