In KS3 English, our students will develop language skills through the teaching of Literature based topics. Students will experience a range of texts from across the literary canon, from Classical period to present day and will develop their understanding of socio-economic factors and key historical events across these time periods and their subsequent impact on writing and response to literary texts. These texts and topics are sequenced chronologically each year to allow students the opportunity to regularly revisit important knowledge and key concepts. The topics will also allow students to explore social and emotional factors and also open their minds to new experiences beyond their classroom. Through our rich and varied curriculum, we want all of our students to develop a love of English and the opportunities that our language provides.

Students will be immersed in text and language rich environments and develop a love of poetry, prose, drama and non-fiction texts. Students are explicitly taught core knowledge and concepts in reading and writing to ensure they are prepared for the next stage of study. From modelled work, they will develop as writers, experimenting and exploring language within their own work whilst developing a secure understanding of the technical components of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Students will be given the opportunity to further develop their love of reading through fortnightly library lessons. In KS3 students will take regular quizzes using Accelerated Reader in library lessons. Additionally, in fortnightly Oracy lessons, students will have the opportunity to develop their verbal communication and explore a range of thought provoking ideas linked to the topic theme. Through all of these, students will develop and use an increasing range of adventurous vocabulary to articulate their view points and read a range of texts which enhance their reading strategies and comprehension skills.

Following this, students will continue to develop their skills and knowledge in GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature. They will be able to utilise prior learning to enable them to access the course content for both of these subjects as well as to continue to develop an appreciation for the written and spoken word. Both of these GCSE courses begin at the start of year 10 and will be completed upon sitting the terminal examinations at the end of year 11.

Throughout KS3-4 students will acquire knowledge and be given opportunities to recall and apply this so that fluency is developed in preparation for the next stage of their learning: be this the next lesson, the next topic, next year or key stage. Students will develop an understanding of English to be prepared for their future careers, further studies and to enrich wider life and learning.

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