e-Safety for Parents

Duke’s Secondary School 

Digital Learning – Vision, Strategy and Delivery Mission Statement


As part of the Northumberland Church of England Academy Multi-Academy Trust, Duke’s Secondary School strives to 

  • Provide a distinctively Christian inclusive and diverse learning environment which honours God. Every learner, adult and child here is enabled, nurtured and challenged to be the best they can be.
  • Encourage staff and pupils to aspire to fullness of life [John 10:10] that they may achieve their full potential.
  • Promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, personal and physical development of individuals within a Christian framework.
  • Sustain a community in which everyone is respected and valued.


Our vision is to ensure that Educational Technology is used to support student progress and learning, and deliver an all-encompassing school framework and systems for technology use that further enables us to want to enable everyone in our communities to ‘let their light shine’. To this end our vision includes developing the use of Educational Technology to foster an aspirational culture in our school and community, to encourage ambition for every child to maximise their potential, to develop independent learning skills which will contribute to our students becoming successful lifelong learners and to provide a relevant and modern curriculum that stretches and challenges. Through increased use and integration of Educational Technology our vision is also to further ensure that teaching excels in all area and that behaviour enables learning at the highest level to occur; This learning will further embed the strands of our DNA Culture Code, namely Creativity, Questioning, Reflection, Independence, Collaboration, Resilience and Stretch and Challenge. 


  1. Improve the use of technology in classroom and remote learning settings through practical resourcing via capital investment, community and parental donations. 
  2. Encourage 21st century digital pedagogy practices in which effective use of technology informs learning, teaching and assessment 
  3. Ensure that all students are equipped and prepared with the necessary skills for the digital world outside of the classroom 
  4. Ensure that all staff are supported through professional development and have the skills to create non-traditional teaching and learning practices for their students 
  5. To foster a vibrant digital culture amongst staff and students, which reflects and inspires the strands of our DNA Culture Code. 
  6. To simplify, streamline and improve the efficiency of IT systems, data management software, processes and procedures in all areas of school.



PARENT / CARER HANDBOOK with FAQs Y11 & 6th Form

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Y11 & 6th Form

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 The Internet is an important feature in all of our lives and can be an incredibly positive experience with really valuable tools and resources.

This page contains tips and information to help you ensure your child stays safe while online.

NSPCC launch new Report Remove tool
The NSPCC and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) in partnership with Yoti (an age verification platform) have launched Report Remove – a tool to help young people under 18 remove sexual images of themselves  online. Report Remove can support young people to report sexual images or video shared online and takes steps to remove it, if it is illegal.Trying to remove an image or video online can be extremely difficult and upsetting for children and young people. Report Remove provides a child-centred approach to image removal which can be done entirely online, and NSPCC’s Childline service will ensure that the young person is safeguarded throughout the process. For more information, visit Report Remove and make sure the young people you work with are aware of this important tool.

Online Gaming
Gaming safely handout

Online Safety

The following image links to #OnlineSafetyAtHome pack with new activities for parents and carers to use at home:

Our short video provides parents and carers with:

  • An introduction to NCA-CEOP, the Thinkuknow education programme and its resources
  • Advice on how they can keep their child safe online, including a helpful tool to support them in having the right conversations about online safety.

`here are some quick links to some of the resources

Phishing handout
Screen time – finding a balance handout
The Dark Web parent handout
Your child’s digital footprint handout
Advertising and cookies handout
My Tech Family – older children handout
Online grooming handout

Parental Controls
Amazon Prime parental controls handout
Netflix parental controls handout

Social Media, Games & Apps
Safety and privacy social media settings Pt1_0
Safety and privacy social media settings Pt2
Snapchat safety guide
Minecraft handout
Reporting on Twitter handout
Advice on Tik Tok for parents
Further advice on Tik Tok
Advice on Clash Clans
Advice on Animal Crossing: New Horizons parents’ guide
Advice on Apex Legends
Advice on Zoom
Advice on Switch
Range of Parent Guides to various social media and gaming trends


Thanks to The Girls’ Day School who have produced this brilliant series of clips 

My Digital, a unique video series to help you and your children to stay safe online. The series consists of six short films for parents and six matching films for children to empower your family to use social media safely and responsibly.

The videos look at the ways in which the internet and digital technology can be used positively by young people as well as identifying the potential issues they may face.

They cover the most critical themes in online safety today including:

  • Cyberbullying
  • The digital footprint
  • Identity and self-esteem
  • Relationships and grooming
  • Security and privacy
  • Sexting

We hope that the films, together with the downloadable online safety factsheets, will help encourage and support open discussions in your family about how to enjoy the online environment whilst staying safe.

The series has been produced in partnership with Digital Awareness UK, a leading online safety organisation.


Download (PDF, 2.17MB)

Download (PDF, 2.6MB)