Pupil Premium and Catch-up Premium


What is the Pupil Premium?

A portion of the funding that schools receive is allocated on the basis of the number of pupils who have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) over time; those who are or have been looked after by the state; and children who have parents in the armed forces.  The amount is variable each year dependent on a range of factors and is known as the Pupil Premium.  Schools decide how they wish to spend the Pupil Premium that they have been allocated as they have the detailed understanding of the educational needs of the children within their responsibility.

Duke’s School plans for pupil progress in a range of ways, including using the Pupil Premium to remove barriers to learning that pupils face, including weak literacy and numeracy, poor attendance and behavioural concerns.

If you think that your child should be entitled to free school meals, please contact Northumberland County Council for further information.



Covid-19 catch up premium

The Government has provided all schools with funding t support students to catch up lost learning following the period of school closure due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Further information about the catch up premium can be found here:


The funding received by Duke’s will be spent on four main strategies:

  • Purchasing credits for the National Tutoring Programme. This will allow KS4 students to access high quality online tutoring to support their preparations for exams
  • Employing Academic Mentors, through the Government supported initiative to provide subject experts for schools to provide extra support for the learning of students in specific subjects areas
  • Providing after school revision sessions every day of the week for students in exam years
  • Purchasing electronic devices for students which will help facilitate a greater synergy between home and school learning