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Dear Parent / Carer,

Reminder that our subject Google Classrooms are still regularly updated so that any student that is unable to attend school can continue their education from home. Work for each lesson is placed on Google Classrooms for all subjects from Year 7 to Year 13 so that students are not disadvantaged in their education by any enforced absences through illness or isolation.
We do understand that all students are ill from time to time and that when they are ill they are unlikely to be able to immediately access work that they are missing. However, the use of Google Classroom after the period of illness presents an opportunity for students to catch up any work missed and ensure that they do not have significant gaps in their knowledge compared to their peers.
We will be reminding all of our students of how to access catch up work via Google Classroom during tutor time over the next couple of weeks, but if you, as a parent or carer, are unfamiliar with how the system works then you can access a range of self-help resources focussed on the use of Google Classroom by clicking on the Remote Schooling drop down menu of our website home page and scrolling down to Google Classroom Support. Alternatively you can also access them by using the quick access link recorded below.

Google Classroom Support

There is also a clip below on how to log on if your child is experiencing any problems

Duke’s Remote Learning Support

If you need specific help with Google Classrooms or have any issues with remote learning access, you can use the Google Classroom helpdesk button to be directed to a member of staff who will be able to contact you to assist. This button can be accessed by using the link above.

If your child needs support to catch up with any work missed through absence then we hold an Independent Study club every night between 2.50 and 3.40 pm except Wednesday (poster below) where students can access teacher support. Alternatively they can speak to their classroom teacher about support once they return to school. Students without access to suitable devices at home from which to access Google Classrooms and the work set can also use school devices at this club.

We hope that you will help us to ensure that students are effectively using Google Classroom to catch up on work missed during or after an absence from school. With all year groups having missed so much curriculum time over the last couple of academic years it is imperative for students of all ages that disruption to learning is minimised as much as possible over the coming months.

Kind regards,

Ben Line
Deputy Principal