Invent IT Challenge


Invent IT Challenge


Everyone is inventive!

The Invent It Challenge is an annual competition that inspires students around the world to unleash their inner inventor!

This year’s challenge is to become a game changer by creating an invention that makes sports more exciting, fun, fair, or safe for all. 


Put your thinking caps on!


We’re challenging you to use your brain power to create an invention that makes sports more exciting, fun, fair, or safe for all. 

Many people enjoy watching or playing sports. From creating an invention that makes participating or watching a sport more exciting to making a sport safer to play, there are many different ways you can help. 

Ask someone in your life what issues people face in trying to make sports for exciting, fun, fair, or safe for all. Then, choose one issue and see if you can help solve or improve it with an invention! 

Document your progress through each invention step: 

Step 1 – think it – identify a sport (or think of a new one) that you want to make more exciting, fun, fair, or safe for all.


Step 2 – explore it – Have an idea? If you’ve identified an aspect of sports you want to improve, you’re probably not the first inventor to try to solve it. Don’t let this discourage you—instead, do some research to learn how others have addressed the problem! • What do you like about their solutions? • What do you think you can improve? • How can your invention be different? 


Step 3 – sketch it – Once you have a basic concept of what your invention will be, make some simple sketches of your idea. Sketches help you take the idea in your head and put it on paper. Your sketches do not have to be perfect or artistic. 


Step 4 – send your ideas in to school by email to


The best entries may be considered for submission to the global competition where first prize is a trip to the Smithsonian Lemelson Center, the  home for the study of invention and innovation in Washington DC USA.


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