How to attach work to google classrooms

Some top tips from Ms Wardle on how to attached your work to google classrooms.

If you are using a laptop

If you are using your phone.


Please remember when using Google Classrooms you need to access the work through the ‘CLASSWORK’ tab, and not the ‘STREAM’ where the work is actually announced – this is just a notification.
You must access the work in this way, as it is through the ‘CLASSWORK’ area that all resources for the lesson can be accessed, and the options to submit are found. You will need to VIEW the actual resources rather than just click on videos etc as this will then give you the option to submit the work.
As always don’t hesitate to use the google classroom support button on the front of the website or contact your class teacher on Google Classrooms itself.
Keep safe, we miss you all and really impressed with all the hard work you have been doing on Google Classrooms.