Duke’s Weekly Challenge- ‘WINTER OLYMPICS’. 



Following the success of last years ‘Virtual Sport’s Day’ we are back with a brand new ‘WINTER OLYMPICS’. 

Details of the events will be posted in your google classroom this week and can also be found below. Events are easy to follow and require minimal equipment!

Just like the summer there will be 3 competing teams: the students, the staff and the family members. It was the family members who won in the summer so the staff are more determined than ever to claim victory this time round! 

To submit your scores you will need to fill in the forms that will be available in your google classroom.  Scores will be collated and posted as the event goes on!

Good luck


An introduction to the Winter Olympics


The Challenges…

Squat Challenge.

Sit up Challenge.

Press up Challenge.

Throw and Catch.

10 Metre Shuttles Challenge.

3 Box Hurdle Challenge.

Speed Bounce Challenge.

Star Jump Challenge.

Long Jump Challenge.

Want to see how it’s done?

Check out our demo videos for each challenge in the library below.

Follow your team’s progress

See how your house is getting on on our official Winter Olympics leaderboard!