Y11 & Y13 Assessment Information 2021


As you will already be aware, due to the disruption to education caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government announced in January that there will be no externally set GCSE and A-level exams taking place for Y11 or Y13 students this summer. Subsequently the Government made the decision that all GCSE and A-Level grades for 2021 will be based on a combination of school based assessments which teachers will use, according to exam board guidance, to determine the overall standard that each student is working at and generate a final GCSE or A-Level grade.

We have looked carefully at all exam board guidance and have planned our remaining curriculum time for all subjects in Y11 and Y13 to give our students the best possible opportunity to exhibit a range of evidence that shows the level that they are working at. We have called these our ‘Subject Roadmaps’ and they are available for you to view below. Each one has been broken down into individual weeks from when the students returned to school in March up to the summer half term in May, and provides information on the curriculum area that will be taught and which assessments will be taken by the students each week. In this way, we hope that the assessment that goes into the calculating of the final grades to be sent to the exam boards is clear and transparent for all. All Y11 and Y13 students have been given a copy of the roadmaps for the subjects they are taking and should be using them to record the grades they have achieved so that they have a clear idea of how they need to perform in subsequent assessments to reach the level that they are capable of.

Please note that our vocational subjects at both Y11 and 13 do not require roadmaps as, due to the fact that these subjects are largely coursework based, they will continue to follow their original curriculum and assessment plan, but without the examination modules which formed only a part of the overall grade calculation.













We have followed JCQ guidance and created a policy document for 2021 Summer assessments so that every part of the process that we will follow in the assessing, moderation, awarding and distribution of grades is clear and transparent for all involved. This document is recorded below.


JCQ Appeals Guidance

After collecting your results, if you are unhappy with your teacher assessed grade, you will be able to appeal.

If you are unhappy with your teacher assessed grade, you will first ask your centre to check whether an administrative or procedural error had been made.
Where your centre does identify an error in the grade submitted to the exam board, it can submit a revised grade and a rationale for the board to consider. If the exam board is satisfied with the rationale, it will issue a revised grade.
Where a centre does not believe an error has been made, you can ask the centre to appeal to the exam board on your behalf.
Your centre will submit your appeal to the exam board and provide the evidence on which its judgement had been made; the exam board will consider whether, in its view, the grade reflected an appropriate exercise of academic judgement.

If the exam board judges that it did not, the exam board will determine the grade that the evidence would support. The exam board will also check that the centre had followed its own process.

Your grade could go up or down following an appeal.

Please find more information below or additional advice at https://educationhub.blog.gov.uk/2021/06/09/exam-appeals-what-can-i-do-if-i-think-my-grade-is-wrong-how-do-i-appeal-what-will-happen-if-i-appeal-your-questions-answered/