Ks4 / Ks5 Roadmaps for 2022


Ks4 / Ks5 Roadmaps
During the 2020-21 academic year we introduced a system of roadmaps for each academic subject at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. These were used to highlight the intended assessment framework for the subject and showed what the assessment would be, when it would take place and how much weighting of the overall grade would be behind it. The roadmaps were introduced initially as a way to allow students and parents to see how grades were to be calculated in the absence of that year’s exams and they became a valuable tool for tracking the progress of each student towards their final grade. Having reflected on the usefulness of these roadmaps in the preparation of students for assessment of an overall final teacher assessed grade, we have decided to continue to use them for this academic year as we feel that they will also be very useful in preparing students for the exams that will return in Summer 2022 as they will:
Allow students to plan ahead for assessments and more effectively prepare for them
Clearly track their progress towards their target grade
Understand better the level that they are working at
Make clearer judgements on the areas of the curriculum where they need to improve
Due to the fact that the assessments for this academic year, in most cases, do not go towards a teacher assessed grade, these roadmaps do not give a weighting of each assignment towards the final grade.
A copy of each of the subject roadmaps at both Key Stage 4 and 5 is recorded below. All students taking one of these subjects will be provided with a copy for their exercise books or files and will be expected to use them to track their academic progress by recording the outcomes of their assessments.

Please note that our vocational subjects do not require a roadmap as they already have a clear assessment structure