Pan@NCEA is coming!

Our students have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to create something very special…

At Duke’s, we appreciate that the past 18 months have been like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. Coronavirus has been the single biggest challenge that many of our young people have ever had to face – causing disruption to both their education and their personal development over the past 18 months. While we understand that many people simply want to put the pandemic behind them, we felt it was important to really explore the impact of Covid-19 on a scientific, economic and historic level to fully appreciate the gravitas of what we’ve lived through.

This is how the Pan@NCEA project was born!

Combining elements of our school STEM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) as well as Art, Design, Media and Languages, we challenged our pupils to come up with a concept for an exhibition which would tell the story of the coronavirus pandemic, the different stages we have experienced and how these experiences have varied from person to person and place to place.

The whole school has been involved in aspects of the project, from taking part in activities during science lessons and tutor time to support the conceptual research, to the physical construction of the exhibition itself and we’re excited to announce that the exhibition is now (almost!) ready to launch and will be going on tour this summer!

What can you expect from the exhibition?

  • Three large art installations to visually represent the scientific stages of the pandemic
  • Audio visual elements including sound recordings of students, NHS workers and contacts from every continent around the world (except Antarctica!) talking about their experiences of lockdown
  • Real-life X-Rays to show healthy lungs versus lungs infected by Covid-19
  • Science experiments to demonstrate how the lateral flow test and the different vaccines work
  • A Covid-19 virus DNA model, which was made by a registered blind student from Year 11
  • Recorded interviews with Duke’s Secondary School’s Principal, Mr Atkinson and Father Laurence Freeman, Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation.
  • Student artwork and written work
  • NHS materials

Don’t miss out!

The grand opening of the exhibition will be taking place over two days starting from Saturday 14 August 2021 at YMCA Northumberland in Ashington, followed by an afternoon event at the Newbiggin Maritime Centre on Saturday 4 September and culminating in a very special display at Newcastle Cathedral (date TBC).

Mark the dates in your diaries and watch this space for more information coming very soon!

Hegarty Maths – new homework platform for ALL Duke’s students.

In an exciting development, every single Duke’s student in years 7 to 11 now has their own Hegarty Maths account. This is a very well respected platform, which allows children the opportunity to watch video lessons and answer ‘quizzes’ on all the skills needed to progress in Maths at secondary school, right up to GCSE level.

Maths teachers will be setting weekly homework tasks for all children, which can be completed on any connected device, such as laptop, tablet, PC or smartphone.

Instructions on how to get started have been added to every child’s Maths Google Classroom, but it is a very easy process;

  • Go to and search for NCEA.
  • Choose Duke’s Secondary, then enter the required details to access your account.

Should you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Maths teachers through Google Classroom.

All support from parents with the completion of homework is greatly appreciated by teachers – and children who complete regular homework to the best of their ability make much more progress than those who don’t.

All the best,

Mr Butler, 

Head of Maths.

Duke’s Family Math’s Challenge

Your challenge is to complete a scavenger hunt activity around your house and garden.

For each category, take a picture and upload it to your Google Classroom. If you don’t have access to a camera, you can get a picture from Google Images.


How to play

For each slide, take a picture of something that fits that category.
Upload your picture onto the slide.

Pictures will be scored by your teacher once you have submitted your work. A correct picture gets 1 point and if your teacher thinks you have shown creativity, your picture will score 2 points.

Happy snapping!


For your records please see link below to download or visit your google classroom.


Download (PDF, 617KB)



Lip-sync challenge or recreate a scene

Due to popular demand we are launching the lip-sync challenge again!

You can do this as a solo performance or together with your household members. It is up to you if you want to perform together or take turns battling it out by lip-syncing separate lines!

Alternatively, you can recreate a scene from your favourite TV show or film. Can you do an impressive impression of one of your favourite characters? Can you and your family act out a well known scene from the screen? If so, we want to see it!

Please check with home that they are happy before you share any videos with your Music or Drama teacher on Google Classroom.

The winner will be the one who gives the most energetic and convincing performance so you will need to think about movement, expression, gestures and perhaps even a costume!

Good luck!

Duke’s Virtual Easter Egg Competition is back!

After the success of last year the Art Department is pleased to announce that we will be holding a ( virtual) Easter Egg Decorating Competition.

To take part you will need to either decorate an egg, draw a egg and put your design on it or even try to do this digital (draw digitally, or take photo of a egg and add digital elements/stickers) and upload to your Art google classroom.

The deadline for entries is Friday 19 March Winner will get a Virtual certificate and the winning design anonymously posted on art twitter and the school website!

We look forward to seeing your eggcellent entries!


English Challenge : Recreate a book cover at home


Recreate a book cover at home

Re-create a front cover from one of your favourite books. You could search for book covers to try to copy using a Google Image search. Below are a few ideas to inspire you.

There are different ways you can enter:

  1. You can use household items to create a design
  2. Get into costume yourself or with a family pet!
  3. Draw your book cover design (using paper / pens or on a computer)

Send your picture via email to your English teacher!

Invent IT Challenge


Invent IT Challenge


Everyone is inventive!

The Invent It Challenge is an annual competition that inspires students around the world to unleash their inner inventor!

This year’s challenge is to become a game changer by creating an invention that makes sports more exciting, fun, fair, or safe for all. 


Put your thinking caps on!


We’re challenging you to use your brain power to create an invention that makes sports more exciting, fun, fair, or safe for all. 

Many people enjoy watching or playing sports. From creating an invention that makes participating or watching a sport more exciting to making a sport safer to play, there are many different ways you can help. 

Ask someone in your life what issues people face in trying to make sports for exciting, fun, fair, or safe for all. Then, choose one issue and see if you can help solve or improve it with an invention! 

Document your progress through each invention step: 

Step 1 – think it – identify a sport (or think of a new one) that you want to make more exciting, fun, fair, or safe for all.


Step 2 – explore it – Have an idea? If you’ve identified an aspect of sports you want to improve, you’re probably not the first inventor to try to solve it. Don’t let this discourage you—instead, do some research to learn how others have addressed the problem! • What do you like about their solutions? • What do you think you can improve? • How can your invention be different? 


Step 3 – sketch it – Once you have a basic concept of what your invention will be, make some simple sketches of your idea. Sketches help you take the idea in your head and put it on paper. Your sketches do not have to be perfect or artistic. 


Step 4 – send your ideas in to school by email to


The best entries may be considered for submission to the global competition where first prize is a trip to the Smithsonian Lemelson Center, the  home for the study of invention and innovation in Washington DC USA.


Invent It Challenge (



Humanities Royal Challenge!

Humanities Royal Challenge!

Can you design a crown fit for a King or Queen? Only using things around your house? The Humanities team want you to explore the different Kings and Queens of England and get some inspiration then using anything you have in the recycling/ any spare bits around your house, design your own royal crown. We cannot wait to make ours and see yours too! Creativity is key, I want to see some thinking outside the box! Keep an eye on the Humanities Instagram and twitter to see what we come up with! @dukesacademy_history and @humanitiesduke1

Good luck and have fun!

Please submit your crown designs via your google classrooms or your school email account to


Helpful link

English Heritage


Please note Duke’s does not endorse any apps and you must seek the bill payer’s permission. Duke’s are not in control nor do we have any responsibility for the content on these websites. As always, please view these pages responsibly and if in doubt, have a responsible adult with you when you view or download any content.

Duke’s Weekly Challenge- ‘WINTER OLYMPICS’. 



Following the success of last years ‘Virtual Sport’s Day’ we are back with a brand new ‘WINTER OLYMPICS’. 

Details of the events will be posted in your google classroom this week and can also be found below. Events are easy to follow and require minimal equipment!

Just like the summer there will be 3 competing teams: the students, the staff and the family members. It was the family members who won in the summer so the staff are more determined than ever to claim victory this time round! 

To submit your scores you will need to fill in the forms that will be available in your google classroom.  Scores will be collated and posted as the event goes on!

Good luck


An introduction to the Winter Olympics


The Challenges…

Squat Challenge.

Sit up Challenge.

Press up Challenge.

Throw and Catch.–1_tXjtoZkYlTCD-rtPV9nw/viewform?usp=sf_link

10 Metre Shuttles Challenge.

3 Box Hurdle Challenge.

Speed Bounce Challenge.

Star Jump Challenge.

Long Jump Challenge.

Want to see how it’s done?

Check out our demo videos for each challenge in the library below.

Follow your team’s progress

See how your house is getting on on our official Winter Olympics leaderboard!