Life at JBVI

Students are able to arrive from 8.30am and enter the Academy through the Student Entrance. They are able to use the library and JBVI Study Zone from their arrival.

At 9.00am the JBVI day begins with lesson 1.  Each lesson is an hour and the second lesson commences at 10.00am.  After lesson two, students have a 15 minute break where they can make use of the JBVI Study Zone, head to the JBVI Cafe for a coffee, or something to eat, before going into further lessons from 11.15am.

After period 4, at 1.15pm, students have their lunchtime. This lasts until 2.00pm.  Students can get a hot meal from the dining room, or a lighter snack from the JBVI Cafe.  JBVI students are able to leave the campus site during lunchtime should they wish.

At 2.00pm students meet with their Personal Tutor, where they complete a range of skills-based activities, prepare CVs and UCAS applications, or meet together as a whole sixth form for assembly.  In assembly, students are challenged to think about how they can improve and aspire to achieve, along with a time for reflection on an important issue or topic for that week.  This leads into period 5, the final lesson of the day.

At 3.20pm the bell sounds to mark the end of the formal JBVI day. However, many students then move to different activities which take place in sports, performance and creative arts outside of the usual day.

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