Dukes School Online Learning Portals.

Dukes School Online Learning Portals.

The Dukes School website (including Email, Google Classroom and Google Docs)

Website = dukes.ncea.org.uk

Access to this system is  via username and password for students only – If you have forgotten or don’t know your username or email address for this please contact the school technicians on the request form below. Because of GDPR considerations this information can’t be given over the phone if you call. We will use sims to contact you back to verify your identity either via email or phone.



Website = https://www.mymaths.co.uk/

Username = ncea     password = heptagon



Website = https://www.doddlelearn.co.uk/app/login

Username = If the student does not know this please contact the school technicians on this form.

Password = If the student does not have their password but knows and can log in to the Dukes website (email) they can request a password reset from the Doddle website login page, otherwise request it on the request form below.


Backup / additional work

If you are unable to login to the school website to use Google Classroom, where most of the remote learning is taking please and resources are available, please click on the link below. This will take you to a Google Drive with backup / additional work that can be used at home.

These documents are viewable only online, if you wish to edit them you must download a copy tp your own computer/laptop and edit the downloaded document.

Access additional / backup student work


Have you forgotten your username or password?

Students/parents/carers please click the link below to request a student username and /or password for either the Dukes Website or Doddle

Username and password request form


Software and tools

If you don’t own Microsoft Office and would like to use a free alternative which is fully compatible with Microsoft Office then please download and install LibreOffice on the link below.

LibreOffice Download link below (please select the correct version for your operating system)
https://www.libreoffice.org/download/download/ (choose version 6.3.5)

Latest LibreOffice post with some general info on the product https://blog.documentfoundation.org/blog/2020/03/24/libreoffice-a-great-choice-for-schools-and-education/


General educational websites;



Duke’s Learning Hours Recommendations
It is difficult for us all to know exactly how long students should be working for during this time of home learning, so we have produced these guides for year groups 7-10 to give you an idea of how much time we think should be spent on each subject per week. All year groups have a similar suggested timetable of approximately 15 hours per week, which is easily broken down into 3 hours per day and should mean that home study is manageable and not a chore (if students are organised they can work from 9-12 each day and then have the rest of the day free!).
All students can access the work set by their teachers via Google Classrooms and there is a help guide on how to access these resources on this website if students (and parents!) are unsure of how to do so.

There is no specific timetable for students in Year 12, but as a guideline they should be spending approximately 5 hours per week on each of their subjects (if one of their subjects is a double then they should double the time spent on home study – 9 hours as a guide). Again, all resources are available via the relevant Google Classroom.

Please feel free to download this Remote Learning Timetable Template
Tips from Staff